My little one had no air conditioning

When my child returned from her short holiday, she wasn’t cheerful.

In fact, she called me crying because her apartment plants were almost dying.

I told her to try and save all the ones she could and get rid of the ones that were beyond saving. My child has a love and passion for plants. She’s always collected exotic plants, and she even turned her living room into a plant room when she was younger. The same happened after she got her first place, and she even sold some to friends and strangers. Well, this time, she was a bit hurt by the situation she found when she got home. It seems the air conditioning in her cabin had failed while she was away. While plants do cherish humidity and a bit of warmth, this was too much. Her cabin is small, so it became more like a heating system for her plants. My child told me she’d left her air con running, with the correct settings to keep her apartment plants cheerful. She was going away for 12 nights and knew all would be well when she got back. However, she was in for a rude shock when she opened her door after arriving from the airport. A sizzling and nasty aroma hit her, and this sent my child into a panic. It seems her AC unit had failed while she was away, and now her plants were suffering. I did my best to calm her down and she managed to get a portable AC working. Then, she started checking her plants one by one to see which ones she could salvage. Unfortunately, she’d need to get rid of the more sensitive ones which were already rotting and brown.
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