We needed the air con expert

My partner and I have always wanted to go camping in the woods. But, my great friend and I disagreed on how to do it. I am more of a tent on the ground kind of girl. I’d also go to the lavatory in the woods. However, my partner is more boujee. He grew up in the suburbs where her Dad kept the apartment spotless. So to him, dust and bugs are a huge issue. I, on the other hand, grew up on a farm and I easily prefer the outdoors and being one with nature. I am not sure how my friend and I hooked up in university, however we have been together for nine years, and have been married four. Soon we plan on starting a family, so I wanted us to have an adventure. So, we both compromised and got a camper van. The trip turned out to be the best experience, and I even got him to lie on the ground one night and enjoy the stars in the sky. When my great friend and I got back home, it was on a chilly fall night and so I wanted to turn on the heating system to stay warm. I tried, and even asked my partner to do the same, however our heating system failed to work. This wasn’t a great sign since our place gets chilly fast. Judging by how cold it was getting, winter time wasn’t too far away so we had to act fast. My great friend and I had to contact the Heating, Ventilation & A/C expert pronto to come and repair the faulty heater. That night we used a spare space heating system to stay warm, after that I had the Heating, Ventilation & A/C pro over at the apartment the following afternoon.


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