A/C failed on us

Marion called me last week asking what time I was getting out of work. She needed my assistance at her job with the AC. Marion is my baby sibling, and I’ve always had her back, and I assume that’s the job of an older sibling. Whenever she had any issue as a kid, Marion knew her older sibling would take care of it and little has changed since then, and I absolutely cherish that she can call me when she has any concerns. Like when she was searching for an apartment to buy, I was the one that Marion called to take her apartment hunting. I’ve been a Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech for several years, and that’s given me access to several houses. That’s absolutely how I came across my first house. I was in the part of fixing a heating system for a customer, and my little friend and I happened to talk about her city. I told her I was looking for a house, and this looked like a relaxing place to live. A few afternoons later she called with news that an apartment was coming into the market the coming summer, however she could talk with the owner and I could view it before that time. And, that’s how I ended up with my up-to-date home. I helped Marion also find an apartment not too far from me, and also did work on her heating and cooling systems. She didn’t want to change the A/C at the time, so I made sure to give it a great tune up. But, I’ve always mentioned she has to upgrade it. Marion was transplanting flowers when the A/C failed so she called me to recommend her on the best unit to purchase.



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