Saved by a whisker when it came to a faulty heat pump

If there is one thing I have learned about heat and AC products is you need to take care of them for the unit to serve you properly. If you fail to do this, the worst will happen at a time that you least expect and cause a lot of inconvenience. I have had many heating technicians come through my house for boiler repair. During these moments, I ask the HVAC repairman questions, and over the years, I have picked up a fair share of guidelines and energy-saving tips. One of the tips I have picked up over the years is regular heater maintenance on any heating device. I value indoor comfort, and to maintain this, I have experts from the heating business help me to keep the heat pump in good condition. Before I learned proper care, the electric heater had acted up several times. I even had the thermostat malfunction in the middle of an essential brunch I had organized for my family and friends. It wasn’t pleasant. Luckily, it was midday, so I called the heating dealership. The serviceman arrived and fixed the problem in a little under an hour. He also thoroughly inspected the furnace/heater installation to ensure nothing was wrong with it and did routine HVAC maintenance. The guests did not feel the full effects of the breakdown because I noticed early enough, and the repairman arrived on time. Our brunch went well, and some family members stayed over for the weekend. We ended up discussing hybrid heating systems like my brother’s and hydronic heating systems that my husband insisted we get.

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