The ship to Mars needed help

The ship to Mars needed help with its advanced heating and cooling systems.

Both of us were peacefully traveling through space on our several month journey.

This ship had numerous Heating and A/C workers and more than three local servicemen on board. Both of us had five central cooling systems, more than three electric gas furnaces, numerous whole lake apartment air cleaners, and loads of heating and cooling equipment. All of this Heating and A/C machine was being brought to help those in the settlements on Mars. Both of us were all gathered for breakfast when all of a startling a code red sounded. The ship’s hydronic heating idea was leaking toxic gas into the ship. All of us Heating and A/C workers and local servicemen put on our gas masks and worked together to find the leak. This hydronic heating idea was more advanced than any Heating and A/C unit all of us had ever personally serviced. Our first step was to disable the geothermal heat pump to slow down the gas leak. Both of us found a single of the leaks to the hydronic heating system, however soon discovered that there were several more. If these leaks were not found soon, the ship would explode and the cooling systems, nuances,air cleaners and lavish Heating and A/C workers would all be lost in space; People on Mars were saying their prayers. One of the local maintenance men found another leak, and the last several were found just in time. A whole lake apartment air purification idea was turned on high, and the ship air was cleared of gas just in time. Both of us checked the electric gas furnaces to make sure they were not activated by the gas fumes. Both of us were all safe at last and made it to Mars.

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