The leaders of our Heating and A/C business were corrupt

The leaders of our Heating and A/C business were corrupt beyond belief.

I was hired under this Heating and A/C business as a local maintenance man.

I loved the job, however I always wondered where all the money the Heating and A/C business was making went. I also wondered why every other month it seemed, there was some current gas furnace, air cleaner, air filter or cooling system of some kind. I studied these current Heating and A/C units and found that they all seemed to be basically as fine as the previous Heating and A/C units, just a little more high-priced. These current heating and cooling units made high performance claims on their advertisements. They claim that the current zone controlled Heating and A/C can help with indoor comfort, no matter the situation. I thought something was off about the cooling and heating business I was toiling for. I decided to purchase a single of these highly featured current window cooling systems and take a look at the inside. When I was about to take the window cooling system apart, I noticed a immense red label that said “do not attempt to take this Heating and A/C unit apart, it will never work again.” I thought this was bizarre since it had a undoubtedly similar build to any other window cooling system I had p;reviously owned. I continued studying the label. “If this window cooling system is not toiling, please call our Heating and A/C office and all of us will send you a special certified local maintenance guy for free. I thought it was interesting that they said it was free, calculus every Heating and A/C job I had been sent on was charged a small fee. Something was not right and I was going to find out.


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