Solar HBAV units are the best.

Many Heating and A/C shoppers like their central cooling systems and gas gas furnaces, however, they all have a single complaint.

While they like the results of the Heating and A/C units, they greatly hate the cost of running them, and some families refuse to run their central cooling system more than several hours a morning to try and save money. The same thing happens in the Winter with gas gas furnaces or oil gas furnaces. These Heating and A/C units are so high-priced to run that several people can’t afford to be comfortable except for a few short hours of the morning. When I was a young cooling worker, I noticed this about several of my shoppers. They would call my Heating and A/C company and ask for a local maintenance provider to come to their lake apartment and fix their unit. I was usually the cooling worker sent on the job. When I would arrive at the customer’s home, I would ask how often they operated their gas furnace or cooling system, and on average I would get the answer “only about several hours a morning to save money.” I always thought this was sad. It bothered myself and others even more that these high-priced cooling system units and gas furnaces would malfunction when they were not even being used to half of their capacity . I went to work in my Heating and A/C shop and was determined to find a better and more affordable way to run a window cooling system, central cooling system, and even a gas furnace. Within a year, I had developed solar Heating and A/C units that ran completely on solar energy. These gas furnaces and cooling systems saved people thoUnited Statesnds of dollars a year.


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