We captured the HVAC thief

We captured the HVAC thief that has been wanted for as long as I can remember.

Several years ago, a shipping truck containing expensive HVAC equipment such as geothermal heat pumps, radiant floor heating parts, and a central air conditioner prototype was hijacked and stolen.

After investigation, the truck was found, but all of the precious HVAC equipment was gone. The creator of the central air conditioner prototype was my father. Because of this thief, my dad missed out on his greatest dream of being an HVAC inventor. I decided I was going to find this thief and serve him justice. When I grew up, I went to HVAC school and learned all about furnaces and air conditioners. Now I am a certified local service man and HVAC technician. I had different plans than the average HVAC technician. Instead of being hired by a local cooling and heating company, I followed HVAC crime. I picked up small HVAC jobs here and there to provide funds, but I had a bigger goal in mind, and that was finding my fathers central air conditioner prototype. I was listening to a police scanner when I heard that an air conditioner laboratory was broken into and being robbed. I jumped into my HVAC work van and headed to the air conditioner laboratory with cooling and heating equipment flying everywhere in the back. I arrived at the lab just in time to see the thieves load a hybrid HVAC system into a van and drive off. I followed them, hoping to find my father’s central air conditioner prototype that had been stolen years before.

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