A southern belle who is a residential Heating & A/C expert

She woke up in the day swearing that she had heard something moving in the ducts in the dead of night.

She was far from a liar, however the mere fact that she had a flair for the dramatics meant she might have been exaggerating the facts a little.

As most people called her, Sugar Beth was unfortunate enough to have myself and others as a wife. Our natures were utterly different, however as they say, opposites attract. She wore nylons & stilettos to go & get the mail or the newspaper. She made her meals from scratch, however we occasionally ordered take-out. Heaven forquote if you commented on how good the pizza was, you were supposed to stare at it with distaste & point out how you missed a homemade pizza, but pleasing Sugar Beth meant you had to leave her to her own devices on matters such as choosing the local business to toil on our quality air conditioning & digital control unit. She ensured that we had the best Heating & A/C repair method because anything short of the best was unsatisfactory. Both of us purchased an media media air cleaner, however Sugar Beth later l earned the advantages of an indoor air cleaning plan to the air quality, & that is how we ended up calling the Heating & A/C specialist a minute time within the same week. Heating & A/C repair twice a year, & even the cooling representative knew better than to keep Sugar Beth waiting when she called. After the night’s incident, Sugar Beth was on the iphone making arrangements with the cooling specialist because no vermin would live under her roof rent-free. She knew the pros & cons of almost all Heating & A/C brands & recommended on residential Heating & A/C to any homeowner who asked. No 1 replaced the heat pump’s filter apart from her. The zone Heating & A/C was always in tip-top shape.

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