Working with my dad at the local business

It has been three years of working with my dad, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I learned the trade tricks and networked with the most experienced and qualified cooling representatives. Dad gave me a job at his company when I graduated as a cooling technician. I would fix smaller and install smaller devices such as the digital thermostat. I joined the training program, and within three months, I could handle HVAC maintenance with little supervision. After passing the training program, I was assigned to a team of HVAC technicians. I have done several projects with the team, including conducting user interviews with our customers to get feedback about our newest product, the HVAC service plan. Though I don’t work directly with my dad, I work under him, and he does not award me any special treatment. Last week I accompanied the company’s CEO and my dad to a meeting with the owner of the most common HVAC brands. They wanted us to use their products at our company. We signed the deal, and they became one of our partners. As focused as dad was at work was the same way he was at home. Our residential HVAC system was always in top-notch condition. Dad has respiratory issues, and the indoor air cleaning system stays on whenever he is home. We used the system to improve the air quality in the house. When I first dealt with a zone HVAC, it was at home when dad requested other cooling technicians and me to install it. The system would assist the heat pump in evenly distributing temperatures throughout the house. Dad is about to retire from the local business next year, and installing quality air conditioners with him has been one of the most memorable moments in my life.

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