First day out on work order for the new cooling representatives

We provided the customer with the HVAC service plan when we were done.

The recruits had come to the company about two weeks ago. I was planning to start the shadowing process. The process involves watching what or how the experienced HVAC technicians are working, then taking points and emulating the process. The shadowing process also gives the recruits confidence in performing the tasks. I remember when we took the recruits for a work order last week. We had a funny incident happen at one of our customer’s residences. I had taken four new cooling representatives on a heat pump installation job. It was a hot summer morning, and the temperatures had started rising. We found the customer and his one-year-old toddler when we got to the residence. We went straight to work installing the new quality air conditioner. In my years as a cooling technician, I prefer working on residential HVAC systems because they are easier to fix than commercial ones. After installing the unit, the customer requested we install a zone HVAC system. We would need several digital thermostats for this job. The owner offered to get the regulators from the local business, so he left. The customer favored a particular HVAC brand, and the brand produced quality equipment for a good reason. As we waited for the devices, we ran HVAC maintenance on the indoor air cleaning system to improve the air quality. All this while, the toddler had taken a liking to one of the recruits and was forcefully sharing her cereal. We provided the customer with the HVAC service plan when we were done. The toddle balled in tears when we left. It was a funny but sad scenario. The customer later gave an excellent review of the services received.

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