My home came very close to catching on fire

When I bought an area heating system I was expecting to get what I bought, a device that would heat the room and keep it hot during the chilly winter weeks of the year.

I was looking to cut back on using my central heating plan because of the cost it was costing me to run it.

I was hoping that I would be able to save some money on my energy bills if I was able to use my area heating system more often than my central heating system. Well it turns out that while I was using my area heating system, that it nearly caught on fire, and this easily scared me because there are several hours of the day that I am not home at all and I leave it running and it’s hard for me to imagine what could have happened if I hadn’t been home, and how it nearly caught fire was because something and it started to malfunction and it was causing it to overheat. I came really close to igniting but I was able to smell the burning smell and run over and unplug it before anything serious happened. I decided to have a heating and A/C worker look at it and try to repair the complication, but if anything like this happens again I might just discard it and get something else. I do not want to play with fire. I do not want to take the risk of having something like this happen. The plan of my house burning down when I am not even home is startling to me and having an area here is not worth it. I should also mention that area gas furnaces in themselves, or normally perfectly safe units and there is nothing wrong with owning the area here but something is clearly wrong with my area heater.



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