Everyone in my neighborhood is so friendly

What I’ve regularly enjoyed about our town is how friendly everybody is, but if there is one man that is particularly special to me it is David.

David has got to be the kindest guy I suppose it is because of his enjoyment for doing things for other people.

He owns a small heating and cooling contractor in our village plus is regularly doing his best to please his clients. He is not just a businessman, he is a real friend to everybody who knows him, but something he started doing last year was holding a contest every few months for somebody to win a free HVAC product, it could be a furnace, plus a/c, a air filter, and any odd genre of those systems, but a wonderful friend of mine won a hot water boiler, she completely offered it to her for free. Even the upgrade was free. He advertises these giveaways and it brings in a lot of clients for her heating plus AC business. Something I’m not sure would normally happen because his HVAC supplier, well it is truly nice, is small! These contests he hosts draws a lot of people. I’m hoping for myself to win something, I would enjoy winning a zone controlled HVAC system. His home control heating plus cooling proposal would allow me to individually control the temperatures of each room in our house plus that is the kind of freedom that I am looking for when I think of having the perfect indoor climate.



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