He wouldn't stop talking about his job

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a bad first date. Unfortunately this is exactly what I experienced. I meant this guy recently at a store while I was shopping and we started a conversation. He seemed really interested in me and ended up asking me out. I was willing to give it a try and met him at the place we agreed to meet. We had already decided that we were going to go and have dinner and hang out for a while. The entire time we were dining however he was telling me about his job. I didn’t mind this at first because I just thought it meant that he was passionate about what he did, but it became a problem when every time I would go and try to respond to what he said or tell him something about myself he would immediately cut me off and continue talking about his job as a heating and cooling technician. The thing is I do not think that he was trying to be rude. I don’t think he even realized that he was doing it. I could hardly get two words out before he would start talking about his job, apart from the lack of conversation I found myself not being able to connect with him very well. He seems like a good guy but overall it just wasn’t a good first date and I decided not to go on a second one. I do wish him well with his heating and AC job since he seems to enjoy it so much, but it isn’t an experience I would want to have again. I would rather have a real conversation with him rather than hear about the furnaces and window AC units he had to fix that day.


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