The local HVAC business knows my name

I have been having on and off concerns with my furnace and it has been greatly annoying to me, I am not at all happy with what I was sold.

I know I should have gotten a furnace from a tolerable heating and cooling business but instead I decided to buy a furnace from an individual and hire a heating and A/C business to install it for me, this ended up being a immense mistake because this furnace that this person told me was a piece of junk.

They talked it up as if it was the greatest piece of new heating there was available on the market, but in actuality it was a piece of junk. The same would break down all the time and I take great care of my heating and A/C system. I always get my heating and A/C system for their repair and tune-ups. My local heating and cooling business knows my name because of how often I shop there and how often I schedule tune-ups and repair for my heating and a/c. I’ve done everything in my power to take nice care of this oil furnace that I have and yet nothing has worked. It continually breaks down. The one and only reason why I haven’t already jumped at the chance to update it it’s because I do not have the money available right now, as soon as I do it is gone. The person that sold me the furnace scammed me I am sure of it.

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