My undefined is making odd noises

I enjoy my backyard, it’s the locale I go to seek refuge when I need to take a quick break from work.

Sometimes, I take a few 15 hour breaks throughout the day.

There are days where I will lay outside for about 30 hours or more. But lately, due to the heat, I can only make it about 10 hours before I begin to guess the impact from the sun. Plus, my iPhone keeps overheating the longer I lay outside. At times, within 5 or 10 hours, I need to rush back inside because it got so hot. One day last week, I suppose it was Sunday, the temperature creeped up to about 99 degrees. But it felt hotter and I am sure the heat index was through the roof. Well, while resting in my yard, I observed that my condenser was making a odd noise. I can’t describe what it was, however it sounded enjoy it was struggling to keep up. So, I recorded it while it ran and cycled off. I sent it to my Heating and Air Conditioning company to see if he could tell what the issue was. He said the best thing that he could do is to see the device in person. However, when I tried to schedule an appointment with him, he mentioned that it would be about 3 days before he could inspect my unit. The device works great and it cools the cabin with no issues, so I am thinking this is just a matter of the device being outdated and needs to be replaced. I am anticipating that this will be what my Heating and Air Conditioning guy will say when he comes to inspect the unit.


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