My buddy Carrie pulled her child out of school because there was no cooling system

I suppose that multiple schools don’t have cooling systems because of a few reasons.

Only a couple of which include the buildings are ancient and has been around before central air became commercialized.

And third, the kids get out for the Summer prior to the hottest afternoons while in the year. However, the weather is starting to hot up more and more prior to the kids getting out of school for the Summer, but currently, most of the country is experiencing a sizable heatwave, which has left some parents concerned about the safety of their kids when they are in school. My buddy Carrie pulled her child out of school because her school doesn’t have central air conditioner. I completely agree with her decision because if the school board refuses to install cooling systems, and they give no relief for the kids, then parents must make the best decision in that situation. When I went to school, all of us didn’t have cooling systems in our classrooms. But the weather was nothing prefer it is this week. Plus, all of us got out of school before the warm weather kicked in, so all of us didn’t entirely have an issue with no central air conditioner. Today, there have been so multiple schools that have released budgets to either improve their new air conditioner or to install new systems… Unluckyly, that is not the case for multiple schools across the country. So, until the school board comes up with a solution to this problem, I don’t blame my buddy Carrie for doing what she had to do for the safety of her child.

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