My bestie enjoys to keep the temperature control truly low

After two years of dating, my bestie and I finally decided to move in together.

Both of us have decided this because all of us intend to eventually get married and purchase a home.

In order to save more money, it made sense that all of us lived together. I agreed to supply up my condo because she lives in a locale that is closer to my job, and plus, it’s a two-living room townhouse and it has a lot more space than what I had. So, this move made sense, and everything is going ok. The only issue that I have so far, is that my bestie keeps her cooling system extremely cold. And I am not talking about 71 degrees, she keeps it at 72 degrees when he’s home. I am used to my temperature control at 73 or 72 degrees, which means 72 is a immense difference. When I complain or try to adjust the temperature, she tells myself and others to wear more clothing around the house. I am already wearing sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt, and I use the blanket when I am kneeling on the sofa. This doesn’t help the situation at all, I am consistently still chilly cold. I don’t even have a wonderful solution for this. I suppose I will need to get used to the condo being this cold, especially since all of us will be living together for the rest of our lives. Perhaps, I will try to talk him into getting a condo with a basement, and that way, I can have a space with a separate heating and cooling system. Maybe this is not a bad thing after all.


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