How much does an HVAC technician make per year?

Currently, there is a shortage of HVAC technicians around the country.

In fact, there are more than 80,00 unfilled positions right now.

Part of this shortage is a residual effect of the pandemic, and there has been a wave of HVAC technicians who are retiring. In addition, many of the current techs are moving on to different careers, which has left the industry scrambling for replacement. Let’s face it, being an HVAC technician is not an easy job. The majority of the time is spent outside in unpleasant weather conditions. So of course, it makes sense that the technicians are paid sufficiently for all their hard work. But how much do HVAC techs make? The salary for an HVAC tech can range from $20 to upwards of $40 per hour. Depending on the specific field that technician works in and the state that they live in, they can certainly make a good living working as a technician. The state that I live in pays one of the highest rates in the industry and that is because the working conditions are quite brutal. It gets extremely cold here, so working outside isn’t exactly desirable. But not all HVAC positions require you to weather the elements, there are some positions that are more technical which includes an HVAC Engineer or Estimator. These are considered high-paying jobs in the industry and those working in these positions can make upwards of $120k per year. Whether you would like to become an HVAC technician in the field or work in one of the high paying jobs, you’ll be making a decent salary and while helping many people around the country.

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