HVAC technicians have their own national holiday

Did you know that HVAC technicians get their own national holiday? If you didn’t, it’s celebrated in June every year.

I work for a local HVAC company in the town I live in, and every year, I make breakfast at the office for the crew.

I bring in a hot plate to make omelets, and I bring my waffle iron so that I can make waffles for them. The company provides the coffee as well as bagels and pastries and we all sit and have breakfast before we start the day. It has almost become a tradition now, as we have been doing this for the past 5 years. The guys love it and they look forward to feeling that love and appreciation each year. At times, some people take these hard working men and women for granted, so it’s nice that they have a day for themselves. Not every profession gets their own national day so it just further shows how important HVAC techs are to our society. And with over 75 percent of American homes with HVAC systems, these technicians definitely have their hands full every year. This means that they enter over 250,000,000 homes and work hard day in and day out to make sure that they are kept cool or warm. So it’s no wonder that the technicians received their own national holiday. The work that they do is very important to the quality of our lives and for the comfort of our home. So next year, when national HVAC tech day comes around, go the extra mile to say thank you to your HVAC technician.

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