I am so excited that I have central air conditioning in my home

But nothing beats having central air conditioning

I live closer to the Southern region of the country, and the beauty about living down here is that the temperatures are milder than they are up North. Plus, we don’t get as much snow or ice, which is something that I am glad that I escaped from. While I lived up North, we had radiator heaters for the Winter months. And boy did they keep the house nice and toasty. For the Summer, we used window air conditioners because our house did not have central air installed. This was fine for us, and we had no complaints because there were some houses that didn’t have A/C at all. Instead, the owners or renters would install fans in the bedroom windows to keep them cool during the night when they slept. So, needless to say, we were pretty fortunate because we were able to have A/C when we needed it. Well, living in the South has afforded me certain luxuries that I did not have before. For instance, I live in a much bigger house with a front and a backyard, which is something that was almost impossible in the city that we lived in. Best of all, I now have central air conditioning in my home, and I am so excited about it. Having central air is definitely a luxury, especially when that isn’t something that I have been used to all my life. Don’t get me wrong, my window units worked perfectly fine, and I had no issues with them. But nothing beats having central air conditioning. I won’t be able to go back to anything less than that.
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