Colder temps are wonderful

I honestly adore colder temperatures, plus I don’t understand why everyone else hates them so much.

I made the decision to retire in the North.

I used to live in the South, plus one of the most typical trends that I saw while living in the South was the amount of older people retiring down here. People genuinely would live in the North the length of their lives just to transport down here to die. I don’t understand it if I’m being honest. Don’t you realize how entirely boiling it gets down here? If you don’t have central cooling equipment down here, you would literally melt. After living here for the course of my life, I decided that I didn’t love it anymore. I would much rather live in the North, plus that is where I decided to move to. Since I have been up here, I have heard a bunch of different people complain about the cold. What is wrong with the cold? I have a lovely oil furnace in my property, plus it keeps me perfectly comfortable. If I ever have to leave my property plus my oil furnace, I can bundle up plus stay warm. In colder temperatures, you can add layers for needed comfort. However, you can only remove several layers in the heat before it becomes illegal. Not to mention, the summer time temperatures are fantastic. I don’t even have a central cooling machine in my residence, plus I don’t need it! Even the hottest few weeks during the year don’t even compare to the heat of the summer time where I grew up. I suppose that some people really enjoy warmer temperatures, but I would rather take a fireplace plus colder temperatures any day.

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