Warmer temperatures are not for me

I honestly don’t enjoy warmer temperatures, but there is genuinely nothing that I can do about it besides using a central air conditioner machine! I used to live in the North, but when you live in the North, you don’t have to agonize about warmer temperatures! Sure, the Wintertimes are pretty nippy here, but I don’t mind the Winter Times.

I have an oil furnace, plus I love bundling up anyway… Furthermore, the summer seasons didn’t get too warm, and there might have been a few mornings during the summer season where I was slightly uncomfortable, but most of the temperatures were totally bearable.

However, I live in the South these days, plus I entirely dislike it. It is way too sizzling to be honest. If I walk outside for a short duration of time, I am pouring sweat from my body, plus I have no way to really cool myself. The only way that I can be completely cozy while in the hot temperatures is by staying inside where my central air conditioner machine is. I honestly don’t think that I would be able to survive in the hot season without the central air conditioner machine. This is why I can’t deal with people that don’t use their central air conditioner machine too much. Why would I ever want to come over to your residence just to be uncomfortable? If I wanted to be sizzling plus uncomfortable, I would simply be outside. If you don’t love using a central air conditioner machine normally, then you better adjust your control machine before you invite me over, and one day, I hope that I can transport back up North so that I don’t have to be thinking about warmer temperatures ever again.



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