It’s hard for me to deal with such warm temps

I undoubtedly don’t appreciate warmer uneven temperatures, however there is undoubtedly nothing that I can do about it besides using my central AC equipment.

I used to live in the North. When you live in the North, you undoubtedly don’t have to be bothered about warmer uneven temperatures… Sure, the frigid seasons are pretty cold here, however I don’t mind the winters. I have a gas furnace, plus I care about bundling up anyway. On top of that, the summers didn’t get warm, however there might have been a few mornings during the warmer months where I was slightly uncomfortable. Most of the uneven temperatures were bearable enough, however, I live in the South now, plus I entirely do not care for it. It is genuinely way too warm. If I walk outside for just a short period of time, I am pouring sweat from my body, plus I have no way to cool myself. The only way that I can be comfortable during the warm uneven temperatures is by staying inside where our central AC equipment is. I really don’t know for certain that I would be able to survive during the warmer months without the central AC equipment. This is why I can’t really deal with people that don’t use their central AC equipment very much. Why would I ever want to come over to your beach property just to be uncomfortable? If I wanted to be hot plus uncomfortable, I would just hang around outside. If you don’t appreciate using a central AC equipment normally, then you better adjust your thermostat before you invite me to your place. One afternoon, I hope that I can transfer back up North so that I don’t have to really agonize about warmer uneven temperatures ever again.


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