There is no good replacement for an air conditioner

There honestly is no good replacement for a good air conditioner.

There are tons of good replacements for furnaces.

There are so many good options for heating systems if you are looking for HVAC units that if you decided not to get a furnace, you would have no reason to be worried at all. However, this is not true for air conditioners. From what I can tell, there are only two good options for air conditioners, and there aren’t even equal options. If you want a good air conditioner, then you buy a central air conditioner. A central air conditioner will keep your whole house cool. If you can’t afford or aren’t allowed to have a central air conditioner, you could purchase a window air conditioner, which will cool one room. However, what if you don’t want a traditional air conditioner for your house? How could you keep your house cool? Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of options if you don’t want an air conditioner. Sure, you could build your house more efficiently to maximize natural cooling, but if you have already built your house, there aren’t a ton of options. We have had thousands of years to learn how to adapt to cold temperatures, but we haven’t done a good job figuring out how to adapt to warmer temperatures. If you want cool temperatures in the summer, you are either going to have to learn to manage the heat or buy an air conditioner. There just isn’t a good replacement. Air conditioners are a modern convenience that has no older replacement.

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