Have to do some repairs today

I have a Heating & A/C dealer coming out this week to repair a busted duct.

I guess it is leaking air plus needs to be repaired.

It is placed way up in the back of the attic and there is not a lot of crawl space so it is going to be a horrible job for the Heating & A/C repairman who has to go up there. It is also actually hot up there so he is going to be uncomfortable up there while he is actually working on it. I would go up there plus do it myself but I am not a bonded Heating & A/C specialist plus if I do something wrong I could mess up the whole system. I’ve pretty much just done law my whole life plus never took the time to learn how to repair things around the house, so when it comes to something like Heating & A/C repair I need to phone in someone who knows what they are doing. I’ve tried doing some repairs around the condo before plus I actually messed them up plus spent more money afterwards getting someone to repair my mistakes. I guess the only thing I can actually do around here is replace the HEPA filter when it is dirty, other than that I am pretty lost when it comes to lake house repairs. I don’t even have any hobbies to speak of because I spent all of my time in the courtroom. I wish I could do it all over again plus choose a new path. I would have become a town business in my area instead of law.



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