Glad for what I have

I can’t imagine having to go to fight in a conflict that you know nothing about plus don’t want to go in the first place.

I feel so sorry for these men and women plus what they had to endure, if they even made it back, because those disappointing memories never go away plus haunt them consistently I’m sure.

Today is a morning to reflect on that plus to recognize grateful that every one of us never had to go through what they did. My life is so much better than theirs was plus I actually feel gratitude for living such a normal life. My Heating & A/C rep told me his dad was in the most recent war plus was never the same after. It just changes your life for the worse plus you never reclaim fully from it most likely. I became an Heating & A/C business plus have visited many people who fought in the wars plus most of them told me it was the worst thing they have ever experienced in their lives. It must have been a scary experience to be traveling on a plane going to a country to fight for your life, knowing that you may be flying on a single way flight never to return to the lake condo again. So anyways, hats off to all those heroes. Today I am going to clean my cooling filter as I remember these poor people plus just work on my Heating & A/C plan so that it keeps me comfortable in my normal life. I will also go to the memorial cemetery to visit the lost one plus send them some of my love.


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