The simple life

My morning will involve actually working around the condo this week fixing a couple of things.

I am so much happier with the lifestyle I have chosen to live.

I used to have to go to work at an engineering business, actually working 50 hours a week, with week to week meetings plus reports due. It was actually stressful plus also boring at the same time, so I left it some 23 years ago and feel so free now. I’ve been actually working part time at this Heating & A/C supplier selling smart control units plus helping customers with their needs. My workweek has averaged about 15 hours a week since leaving the corporate world plus I am even cutting that down more with my simplistic way of living. I will keep actually working for the local business because they treat me well but I guess I may trim down to 10 hours a week there plus do more beach volleyball lessons for some extra money. I feel 10 hours a week is doable long term, don’t you think? I love to help people with their Heating & A/C device plus teach them ways to save money with new energy saving tips that they didn’t know about. I am playing more songs on the streets plus in clubs with my buddy plus playing more volleyball too. There are still some things around the condo that require my time like cleaning my cooling filter plus air duct when it is dirty plus doing the normal condo cleaning chores. Other than that I usually spend my time doing yoga or exercising at the club. I enjoy living a simple life.


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