I will start out as an independent HVAC contractor

I just got out of heating and air conditioner school and decided that I am going to start my own heating and cooling company rather than go and work for some heat and cooling system dealer.

It is going to be quite the risk and the challenge, that is why I ended up saving up some money to cover myself in the event that this new heating and air conditioner company venture doesn’t work out. But I am pretty optimistic that it will. I have a lot of things to do legally to get this set up! The first thing is I have to get our company license. Following this, the next step is to promote our heating and air conditioner business. I will be starting out being what’s called an independent heating and air conditioner business. If that goes well then eventually I will be able to build on that and afford to start hiring a staff little by little of accounting, shopper service and then other heating and cooling specialists. In a few years, if it all works out, I system to make this an respected non-independent heating and air conditioner business to compete with all the heat and cooling system companies in our local area, and I know exactly how to do that if I have a full heating and air conditioner company up and running. Time will tell what will happen, I am thinking positively about it all. I have done plenty of research over the years into this and I am fully ready to take it on.



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