HVAC professional is incredibly kind

My independent heating and air conditioner specialist is the best, but he always goes above and beyond when he does any work on my central heating and air conditioner plan unit, it doesn’t matter if it is some kind of heating and air conditioner repair or a heat and a/c tune up as well as check up.

He goes the extra mile and does not charge me extra. He is also so friendly and personable to talk to. After 2 years of this kind of maintenance at no additional charge I thought I would do a kind gesture and buy a gift card at Christmas to one of the most extravagant diners in our city for him as well as his family to go out to a high class supper. He was so over the moon when I gave it to him and said that this was the best “tip” he ever got from any customer! That made me blissful that he was blissful, then but I had entirely thought that this would be the least I could do to show my appreciation for the detailed job that he always does on my central heating as well as air conditioner plan unit. No other heating as well as cooling specialist I ever dealt with in my life either independent or otherwise has been as good as this guy has been, but so he deserved the gift in my humble opinion, as well as that is why I did it. It’s called fantastic karma, and I hope someday that fantastic karma will come back and show me some love as well.


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