Bike ride workout

I workout for at least an hour, seven days per week.

I like to mix things up to engage different muscles and stay motivated. I target high intensity cardio, strength training or endurance. I might jump rope, lift weights, kayak or go for a run. My favorite workout is a mix of exercises. I start by riding my bike twenty minutes to a nearby athletic field. My bike includes a basket that allows me to bring along a towel and other accessories. I have a mount on my handlebars for my phone and a bluetooth speaker plus a holster for a water bottle. I enjoy listening to music while I cycle. I follow a paved path through a wooded area that doesn’t allow motorized vehicles. I often spot different types of birds, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and turtles along my route. Once I arrive at the field, I take the time to thoroughly stretch my muscles. I then run wind sprints for approximately half an hour. Sometimes I bring along my jump rope and workout with that. I then ride my bike back home. I can easily increase the intensity of the ride by shifting gears or pedaling faster. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to get outside, feel the sun on my skin and breathe fresh air. I always get a fantastic workout. I elevate my heart rate, work my lungs and get thoroughly sweaty. I can feel the exertion in my legs. My bike ride workout never fails to put me in a great mood and I’m more productive for the rest of the day.


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