Adding an elliptical to home gym

When I set up my home gym, I didn’t have an unlimited budget or an abundance of space. I started by buying some of the less expensive basics such as a yoga mat, jump rope, resistance bands and some free weights. I purchased a medicine ball and a variety of weighted poles. I eventually added an incline bench that comes in handy for a variety of crunches. I saved up to be able to afford a bigger, more complex machine. I did quite a bit of research before choosing an elliptical. Was initially interested in treadmills but wasn’t happy with the hard impact on the joints. Plus, I wanted something that would also work my arms. An elliptical is unique in that it engages arms, legs and the core. The motion doesn’t require the feet to lift from the pedals and so eliminates jarring of the joints. An elliptical operates quietly and burns a lot of calories in a relatively short time. I chose a model with a touchscreen display that lets me choose from a variety of workouts. I can make the sessions more challenging by increasing the resistance. I can target distance, duration or calories burned as my goal. I can even follow guided and interactive workouts to keep things interesting. If I want to run or bike, I can go outside. The elliptical provides a very unique and enjoyable style of workout. It’s great when the weather is nasty and the ideal way to get my heart pumping and work up a sweat. I am totally satisfied with the benefits of my investment.

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