I can get a dual fuel system after all

It provides AC all summer long and heating when it can.

I recently was online hunting for a new HVAC system. I stumbled upon an article for heat pump systems. I read about how energy smart they are and immediately wanted that system. I liked the idea that it didn’t create heat energy by burning fuel. Instead it was electric based and used the existing heat in the air quality. If it was warm inside and you wanted AC, the heated air is pushed to the outdoor unit. The reverse happens for heating in the wintertime. It is a high initial investment but every month you are saving energy with how efficient it is. The system quickly pays back for itself. When I talked to my local HVAC dealer he explained that a heat pump can’t work in temperatures that drop below 40 degrees. There simply isn’t any heat energy to use. I was extremely bummed and asked what my other options are. Apparently I can get a dual fuel system. This combines a gas furnace and a heat pump. It is ideal for colder climates such as mine. Basically 90% of the time the heat pump is working and keeping those energy bills low. It provides AC all summer long and heating when it can. When the temperatures drop too low, the system changes automatically from electric to gas. Then the gas furnace tags in and provides the right amount of heat. The homeowner never goes a moment being cold and saves as much energy as they can for their climate. I am strongly thinking about this system.
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