The film was not a pro job

I wanted a custom professional window tint film properly done on our car. I loved daisies, as well as I wanted to have a window tint film done that actually had daisies in the design. I knew I was testing the abilities of the auto shop, but I had previously seen daisy print window tint film in a magazine, as well as I knew that after I finally got our birthday money, I was going to have it done on our car. I wanted both of the side windows, windshield, as well as rear window done. I talked to my dear Dad about the window tint film as well as he told myself and others it was our money to do with what I wanted…. so I went to the auto shop as well as told them what I wanted, as well as the lady actually didn’t look genuinely optimistic. She told myself and others she would do the best she possibly could to get what I wanted, despite the fact that she wanted a brea. As soon as she found the daisy print window tint film, or a satisfactory facsimile, apparently she was going to call me. Two weeks later, I was still waiting to hear after that from the lady at the auto shop. I was sure she would not be successful in her long hunt for our daisy print window tint film. Another month went by, as well as I was super frustrated. I came to the apartment from school 1 day, as well as Dad told myself and others I had missed a phone call. It wa the lady from the auto shop. She said she had found the window tint film I entirely was looking for. As soon as I could get to the auto shop, she would have the beautiful window tint film installed.

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