Learning about investing

To Anyone interested in expanding their net holdings or reading how to invest, I highly request reading these books about it first. I found Rich Dad, Poor Dad to be a fantastic learn on how to wisely invest to make your holdings grow. Millionaire Next Door was fantastic for realizing how many mistakes you are currently making financially. It was a really eye opening experience for me. My fiance Pat has gone a little deranged trying to be a millionaire plus increase his net worth. Pat is planning to heavily invest in rental properties. The problem is that Pat is quite cheap plus not someone who enjoys any risk. With buying homes for either rental or sale, there is risk involved, and just because you buy a former rental property doesn’t mean that it will rent in the future. You also have a lot of other expenses coming in like general maintenance and upkeep, furnace repairs plus plumbing services. It is a lot of work plus money to get a property up and running. Pat so far has a single family apartment for rent. That is his only rental. Pat keeps thinking he needs to wait for the perfect deal. The books above highly recommend against that mentality. I am way better at investing than Pat. I will get anything in my part that is available for rent. I am not afraid to sink money into making a locale better. I will hastily start renting it out plus turn everything over to my property supervisor. Technically I have quite a bit of debt on paper, but my asset wealth is high.


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