Only had the land-affordable home solution

I lucked out by buying a giant plot of land that has lake access.

I also have trees surrounding the land for privacy. It really is the most beautiful spot to have a house. Here is the snag, there is no house. I just bought a plot of land that was in a good location. I knew I couldn’t afford housing on the water just yet. So buying the land is smart. I plan to save my money and build my dream home when I am ready. For now I needed an affordable home solution for my plot of land. I found that I can buy a modular home quite easily. This takes a shipping container and makes it into an affordable tiny home. I thought about it and realized that the shipping container home could easily turn into a shed someday. For now, since I am just one person, I will live in it as a bachelor. My tiny home is so awesome. I have a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. It is quite small and there is only division between the bedroom and bathroom. I don’t care though. Eventually I will blow out those walls and just have a giant shed or gym someday. For right now my tiny home does the job right. I have a gorgeous piece of property that will only go up in value. I can swim in the lake or kayak. I can go for runs, hike, or hunt. Someday I am going to have a sweet house on my lake and it will be worth millions.


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