My interior decorator turned my chairs into custom chairs.

I hired an interior decorator to redo my living room. I bought a house that has a small living room tucked away inside the front of the house. The stairway is right across from the door to the living room, and all the kitchen and dining are down the hallway. The room is long and narrow, with a fireplace on the inside wall facing the dining room. I wanted to get rid of the fireplace, but I knew my husband and I couldn’t do the work ourselves. My sister gave me the name of the interior decorator that she used when she was installing a new bedroom. I called her up and was surprised how quickly she called me back. When She looked at our living room, she gave us many ideas, which got us excited about the renovation. When we were talking about the chairs that I had in the living room, she asked me if I wanted them replaced. I loved my chairs, but I also knew that they needed to be reupholstered. I didn’t know that she was going to kick us out of our house while she was working, but that is exactly what she did for the next two weeks. We weren’t allowed to go home until after the interior decorator was done with the renovations. I know it sounds funny, but the first things I saw when I walked in were the custom chairs. I thought she had removed my old one. I soon found out that she had new upholstery put onto the backs and the seats of the chairs. It made them look so much different and so beautiful.
Custom built furniture