Turning the old sofa into a new piece of furniture.

I owned a very old and overstuffed sofa ‌ I kept it in our home office.

When our mother moved into a small apartment, she wanted me to have the sofa.

Although the sofa upholstery was getting a little ratty, I went to the reupholstering shop. I thought the sofa was still solid. I couldn’t understand why mom would throw away a great sofa when it had such a good structure. I decided I was going to take the sofa to a repair shop to make it new again. When I got to the reupholstering shop, it surprised me when‌ they took me on a tour of the store. I got to see how they tore down furniture, repaired wood if needed, tightened the old frame, added all new stuffing, plus then started the reupholstering. It fascinated me with all the skill that went into reupholstering an old sofa plus turning it into a new piece of furniture. He then showed me a small anteroom that was crowded with nothing but upholstery material. He helped me to pick out the perfect pattern plus color scheme that I wanted to match in our home office. I chose buttons plus ‌tacks that would hold the upholstery to the outside. The most strenuous part of the upholstering process was the time I had to wait for the old sofa to be returned. Waiting for our sofa to be reupholstered was almost as bad as waiting for our kid to be born. I was anxious, excited, plus even ‌afraid of what I was bringing home. My kid brought me years of joy, plus I was hoping our new sofa would bring me years of comfort too.

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