Waiting for the Heat to Subside

I’m helping Max today with his pavers outside. The gray grout, or concrete sealer, in between the pavers is cracked plus molded plus he wants myself and others to clean them plus regrout them. I guess I can do the job in a couple of hours tops, plus Max is going to pay myself and others well for helping her. I would like to use the extra money when I go back to my condo overseas to get a more current gas fireplace for my kitchen. I want to buy a single of those small fireplaces which have fire coming out from the stones so that I can like a fire once in a while. There is no acrid smell or smoke from the gas fireplace plus I don’t have to haul in logs or clean it out like you would any common wood burning fireplace. I found some online for under $100 plus they seem so nice, I just need to check the reviews on them to make sure they are what they appear to be. I have an Air Conditioner to heat the home in the Winter so this gas fireplace would just be for ambiance. Who knows, maybe I will get a date a single day plus every one of us can both sit by the fire plus sip some red wine. I also have an area oil furnace as a backup because I’ve had my central heating methods die on myself and others in the middle of Winter plus needed to get the area oil furnace till the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor came out plus fixed it. I guess it takes a week to do so because they were so backed up.


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