Restaurants aren’t What they Used to Be

I’ve been living out of the US for seven years now plus just came back from being gone for all that time.

I ate lunch at a steakhouse sureterday with my friends plus was shocked at the price of over $25 for just my salad plus a drink.

It seems like all of my friends are millionaires or close to it while I am just barely making a living. I left a thriving local business back in 2008 to pursue a work in the movies plus I lost all of my life savings plus earning potential in the process. I was running an Heating and Air Conditioning contractor biz plus making fantastic money but felt an emptiness inside so I decided to pursue the movie field. I have a lot of fantastic memories from doing it but barely any money in my account anymore, I know it is all a tradeoff though. My old buddy here, who is a local dealer, told myself and others that he would trade all of his savings for more time off. My buddy said he only has about an hour plus a half a day of free time plus the rest of the day is busy with the job plus family obligations, but he has to job at his Heating and Air Conditioning business over 60 hours a week as he is the owner of the whole outfit. I know I am pretty blessed to only have a job for 15 hours a week plus having the rest of the time to do whatever I choose. Maybe I’ll use some of my free time today to clean my Heating and Air Conditioning system.


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