I need a new Hot Water Boiler

My Mom used to say something or someone is “torched” when it was all used up or just depleted.

So sure, my hot water oil furnace is in fact, torched, because it has a leak plus is draining onto the back porch outside.

I am going to need to get it upgraded asap as every one of us in the family no longer have hot water in the home for showers plus such. I will have to go down to the local heating contractor who sells boilers plus see how much it is going to set myself and others back. I may have to reach out to a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to come out plus install the more current 1 for myself and others because it is not straight-forward to do plus my shoulders are still a bit sore from my injury a few afternoons ago! My first plan is to do some yoga this day to loosen up my muscles so I am ready to take on the day. I have my air conditioning on because it is only seven AM plus the temp outside is already over 90 F. I need to check the HEPA rated filter today to see what kind of condition it is in because I haven’t cleaned the thing for so many weeks plus notice that the airflow is a bit less than it used to be. I bet it is all packed with dust plus is restricting the flow of the air in the system. It is a washable HEPA rated filter plus I have a backup so all I need to do is pop out the outdated a single plus put in the current filter, then every one of us can clean the dirty filter at my leisure.

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