A little more Rest for the Rotator Cuff

I took a wild swing at a volleyball the other day plus my shoulder partially came out of the socket. It has been so sore ever since, to say the least, but it is getting a little bit better each day with rest. I won’t be playing any volleyball games again for a few weeks at least so I need to focus on other things to keep myself and others occupied till that point. I think I will do some jobs for the central heat pump on my Heating and Air Conditioning unit because it stopped working well as of late, plus will need repair. I have been certified in Heating and Air Conditioning for seven years plus like to job on my Heating and Air Conditioning method when I have the time. I guess that my shoulder will be okay doing some light job as long as I don’t do any heavy lifting or make any awkward movements with it. I will start with a light yoga session this day to test the total range of motion of my shoulder plus decide from there if it is ready or not. I also want to head down to the local business which sells Heating and Air Conditioning components to see if they have any of the newest smart thermostats because mine is outdated plus needs to be upgraded. They are located pretty close to my home so driving in this heavy traffic won’t be such a major deal today. I like the current smart thermostats because you can control them from your smartphone with an app plus it makes it much easier to keep the home at the right temps, especially when you are coming condo for the evening plus want it cool or hot before you get back home.

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