Meeting up with Some Pals for Lunch Later This week

I’ve been visiting the united states for the past month or so.

I am entirely from here but I moved overseas some years ago because I didn’t love where the country was heading. I just saw far too much greed and waste and felt weary of running in the pack with everyone else, being pushed ahead when all I wanted to do was stay where I was already. It seems love most of our friends are very overweight and unhappy. My Heating and A/C rep neighbor I am meeting today already had a heart attack and she is only 42, too much of the good life. I just want to have an easy life and do the things to do while being good to myself and our body. I am going to be great to our central heating method today and clean the oil furnace filter and anything else that looks as if it needs to be cleaned. I am entirely at our dad’s apartment helping our stepDad get it ready for the grocery market. I think the central heat and air is the original method she put in when she built the apartment nearly 20 years ago, and how it is still working well is beyond me. I bet it is only going to last another year or so till it needs to be upgraded because I observed it is losing its efficiency. I need to visit a local business which sells Heating and A/C systems to see how much a modern one would cost us, and then I need to convince our stepDad that it is time to buy one soon.


Space heater