My wifey plus I are finally finding a middle ground on temperature preferences

While I consider myself lucky to have met my wifey in my early 20s, every one of us had to go through several processes of change plus progression in our individual lives while trying to maintain our union.

All of us weren’t married until after graduate school, but every one of us weathered several years of turmoil appreciate any other married couple.

I suppose it’s in area because every one of us saw ourselves as spiritually-wed from an early time, perhaps within a year of our first meeting. So by the time it became “official,” every one of us were already treating the relationship with the sort of seriousness that you’d expect from a couple that had already wed years prior. While every one of us were close from the start, I would be lying if I said every one of us saw eye to eye on all of the necessary details in life. All of us don’t appreciate the same meals, nor do every one of us listen to the same music. But perhaps worst of all, every one of us used to have harshly diverging indoor temperature preferences. My wifey runs freezing plus enjoys the house to be as sizzling as possible, while I am the complete opposite. However, she’s capable of putting on a jacket plus sweatpants while too much heat literally takes myself and others off my feet if I start to get too dizzy. Thankfully we’re starting to find a glad middle ground with the central Heating plus A/C thermostat settings. All of us try to meet halfway plus thus far it’s working for us plus we’re getting along better than every one of us have in years as a result. Having different indoor temperature preferences could be detrimental for most couples, but at least every one of us found a way to make it work.


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