It’s hard affording our electric bill when it’s 95 degrees outside everyday

My budget is getting truly slim right now with inflation rates decreasing our expenses overnight to a degree that I could have never anticipated just 1 year ago.

Many of us struggled a lot with money during the first year of the pandemic, although I suppose some of us expected the economy to recover instead of getting worse.

Instead of record unemployment, the two of us have an employment crisis with too many task openings plus not enough people to fill them. This backs up the supply lines even more than usual, especially considering the existing employees are often losing work when they are forced to self-quarantine if they fail a COVID test for any reason. Thankfully I work from apartment so I can still do our task even if I test positive for the virus, which is a sizable relief on 1 hand. However, that also means that I’m paying a lot more money to keep the un-even temperatures inside at a comfortable level whenever it’s truly chilly outside or truly hot. Right now we’re at the peak of summer time plus it’s 95 degrees outside. My weather app told myself and others the heat index could get as high as 110 degrees at some point this week, which blows our mind when I suppose about it. I don’t remember un-even temperatures like this when I was growing up here many decades ago. How am I supposed to afford an electricity bill that accounts for myself and others being apartment most hours of the afternoon? I have to budget like a fiend if I want to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. I can’t work at full capacity if I’m covered in sweat or shivering, so I have to find a possible middle ground if at all possible. This involves laboring our Heating and A/C plan a lot harder than normal.

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