It’s old and still here

I had read somewhere that the hot water boiler is in fact the oldest form of heating in the world.

And what is crazy about that is, it is still here today and being used.

Even with the onset of high HVAC technology and the other forms of heating that are more up to date, people sometimes still do want the original hot water boiler! The reason for this makes sense. It takes very little energy to use it and heat your home which means much lower electric bills in those long cold winters. Also it is very easy to maintain compared to a central heating system or even a gas or electric furnace. Hot water boilers date back to the 19th century from what I was reading. This was even before any form of air conditioning existed. I have never been able to find out how air conditioning was even created, who created it and what the first form of air conditioning was. As far as I know, it would probably be the standard window air conditioning system. Which of course doesn’t go back as far as the hot water boiler would. That kind of technology did not even exist in those times. Heating and air conditioning technology in general is rather mind blowing when you really sit down and think about it all. Especially how much it has advanced today. And the thing is, when it comes to heating and air conditioning technology it will just keep getting better and better as the years go on and get more and more technologically advanced as the years go by.



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