Last year it was a dove’s nest, as well as this year it’s a bee’s nest.

Last year, I found a dove’s nest in my air conditioner unit when I was doing the Springtime inspection.

I remembered hoping the mother, as well as the babies were gone before it was time to turn the A/C unit on. I was undoubtedly sad that she could hurt my A/C unit, or it would destruction her and/or her babies. I hoped that was the last time something would find shelter in the A/C unit, but that wasn’t to be. I opened the air conditioner unit this year to find an even greater surprise. To be honest, I cleaned my air conditioner unit later than I normally would. I usually have it done in mid-Springtime, but this year, I was cleaning it so I could turn it on. I noticed an odd bee hanging around when I detachd the cover, but it didn’t seem to be more than I would usually see. I knew I had a problem when I detachd the A/C cover as well as I heard the buzzing. There was a bee’s nest as giant as a football that had not only connected to the cover, but was invading some ‌components. Bees were swarming around me, as well as how I got away with just a few stings was beyond me. I had to call an exterminator to get rid of the bees before I could complete my air conditioner inspection. The exterminator told myself and others I was fortunate to only get a few stings as he pulled out the hornet’s nest as well as treated the A/C unit to make sure they didn’t return..


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