There was a dove’s nest in the A/C unit.

Over the years, I have found a lot of odd things in air conditioner units when doing inspections, however usually, whatever had hidden away in the A/C unit for Wintertide shelter leaves when Springtime arrives, as well as only leaves the nest behind.

That happened when I was cleaning my own air conditioner unit. The difference this time was that I found a dove’s nest, as well as it had eggs in it. Why the mother left her nest as well as babies behind was beyond me, but I had to get the air conditioner unit ready for summer. I carefully detachd the nest as well as set it aside. I was toiling in the A/C unit when I felt something fluttering around my head. I swatted at it, only to have it peck at my hand. I looked back as well as there was a tiny dove, as well as she appeared to be quite perturbed. She went over to her next with the eggs, as well as then came back at me. This time she was pecking at my hat, as well as she was becoming quite a nuisance. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I had to get rid of her. I moved her nest even further away from the air conditioner unit, hoping she would transport with her nest, but all it did was further her anger. She was now dive bombing me, as well as U was afraid she was going to attack my face. I moved the nest back to the air conditioner unit, where the dove sat on her nest as well as ignored me. I put the cover back on the A/C unit, letting her happily rest on her eggs, as well as hoped she would be gone when I finally turned the A/C on.

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