The neighbors fence hit the side of our house

During the summer time & section of the fall, there are major tropical storms & hurricanes that hit that area.

I’ve never been identifiably fond of living in a arena with this genre of weather, but our family is here.

I’ve lived in the south for 15 years. I purchased a home last year. This was the first year that I ever had to endure the storms. I was thankful that our mom & Mom told myself and others to buy a generator for the house. During the first storm of the season, I lost power. I didn’t have to worry since I had the backup generator. During one of the worst storms of the season last year, I incurred major mangle to our home & property. My neighbor & I share the backyard. If he has a privacy fence set up, I cannot see into his yard. I don’t mind the fact that he has a privacy fence. It gives both of us our own yard. During the storm,The neighbors fence was ripped right out of the posts. red 20 ft across the yard & hit the side of our house. The mangle was severe. The siding was cracked & the fence panel hit a window air conditioner unit that I had on that side of the house. The window air conditioner unit fell out of the window & broke on the ground. The window was disfigured as well. I didn’t want to make our neighbor pay for all of the disfigures & the air conditioner unit, but it was his fence & he was responsible for the disfigures.


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