The space furnace helped on the cold night

I work from home, so our husbandy & I can go anywhere that both of us need to go for his job! He is a commercial fisherman.

Occasionally both of us spend several weeks down south where the weather is positively warm & inviting.

There are other times when both of us spend a few weeks in the Pacific Northwest or parts of Alaska, but during times like these, it is truly pressing that both of us stay warm. The oil furnace wasn’t enough to keep us warm when both of us made the decision to go up North for a 3-week job starting in January. I was complaining about the indoor hot & cold temperatures as soon as both of us landed in the cold, for relaxing weather. My husbandy went to the hardware store & purchased a really nice infrared space heater. The infrared space furnace works using electricity. It only uses a few amps of electricity to run & there are chances for batteries as well. The batteries wouldn’t last truly long in the space heater, but they would be useful in the event of total power loss. Both of us used the space furnace every time it was cold at night. The first week both of us were there was during January. The average hot & cold temperatures never reached 0 degrees. I spent all of our time in the home where it was warm & cozy. I could almost truck myself that I was somewhere like a tropical location. If I closed our eyes & forgot about the ice & snow, I could pretend both of us were still back in a warm & sunny location. I was so glad when that job was finally done.


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